Pavel Talalaev - one of Michael Jackson's the most well-known twins in the world, the unique professional impersonator №1 in Russia! Pavel works as Michael Jackson's professional impersonator since 1990. Together with theater of twins it actively went on tour across Russia and other countries, such as: Italy, France, Greece, Turkey. Pavel participated in various telecasts: "Theme", "To 16 also is more senior", "100 to 1", "Andrey Maksimova's Program", "PRO Life" And many others. Repeatedly took part in various talk shows on the First channel, MuzTv and MTV.Participated in commercials "NTV +".He is an active participant of charitable actions and concerts. In 2011 the Russian TV channel MTV recognized Pavel as Michael Jackson's Official impersonator in Russia! When you see Pavel's performance the impression of presence at Michael Jackson's concert , so the costumes and plastic of Impersonator similar to the original. Enchanting of the 
performances amazes imagination of the spectator. In 1995 at the international festival "Tavrijsky games" the many thousands crowd of spectators has believed that Pavel the real Michael Jackson!!!

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The director "Michael Jackson Pavel Talalaev's Professional Impersonator" Maria Talalaeva.

On August, 29th — great and ingenious Michael Jackson's birthday! This year, he would be in '53! Every year fans all over the world in a big way celebrate this holiday and perceive it as own. Jackson's Moscow admirers — not an exception! This time we saw both set fleshmobs, and infinite turns with colors to Michael's wall at American embassy, and numerous parties in honor of the king in various clubs of capital, but the most grandiose and world show "King of POP" in club "Мilk" became remembered. The show were held in 54 countries of the world and here a long-awaited concert in Moscow!

Performance of official Impersonator Michael Jackson – Englishman Navi should become the main surprise of the show. But more interest and delight of public were caused by Jackson Pavel Talalaev- our Russian professional impersonator! When he just appeared on a scene under sounds of well-known hit "Scream" — the two-thousand crowd has blown up an applause. Pavel acted on a warming up at Navi and it is possible to tell with confidence that with a problem to "warm up" public has consulted on all of 1000 percent.

Before the beginning of performance Pavel has communicated with Navi, then they have given interview for " Mtv Russia"channel. Navi has been surprised by Pavel's similarity with Michael, thus it is necessary to notice that Pavel didn't do a plastic surgery unlike the foreign colleague. Navi also observed performance of the Russian impersonator after which has stated the admiration of Pavel's work and has wished it success!

Pavel Talalaev, as always, performanced together with dancing collective "J4|". Team members work together 5 years, have created their own show with which successfully go on tour across Russia and the CIS countries, take a part in charitable concerts! Together they have executed Michael's some performances: "Scream", "They don't care about us", "Jam" and "Dangerous". And again Pavel has proved that in accuracy of reproduction of a choreography of the king, his plasticity and movements, he has not present equal not only in Russia, but also among foreign twins! By the way, this year channel MTV Russia recognized Pavel as Michael Jackson's official Russian Impersonator! And it is true, after all Pavel already works more than 20th years in this genre, has traveled set of the countries with concerts and doesn't stop on reached, always moves only forward. And at this time in club "Milk" we became witnesses of a positive miracle! Michael's devoted admirers hardly constrained enthusiastic emotions when Pavel's performance has begun, so grasping it was and so precisely he tried to transfer each movement, each sight. Soldiers with dead-pans as though robots marched behind the back of Pavel, improbable energy both in music, and in dances - all as on favourite Michael's show!

And even after a concert admirers of creativity of Jackson didn't released Pavel, wanting to be photographed with him and take the autographs.

Invite Pavel to your event you can by phone:

+7(915) 058-68-70 
The director of "Professional Impersonator of Michael Jackson Pavel Talalaev" Maria Talalaeva.




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